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Taking care of kids rom birth up to teens

Birth Assistance

We handle child birth and its immediate needs. At this beginning stages of a child, utmost care is very essentialMore details »

Growing Up

After birth, our care still continues. We provide medical assistance of the child up to the adolescent stages. We also give info on green tea to burn belly fat.More details »

Medical Services

Have a regular medical checkup and consultations of your child. We will take care of their medical needs as they grow.More details »


We at Iowa Saturday School, we provide prediatric services and medical attention. From birth up to growing up stages, we are here to provide the help we can give to our children. As pediatricians, with expertise and experience, we make sure that your child is in good health and hands to us.

Aside from medical services, our team also provides pediatric information campaign through blogs and news items. With these efforts, providing the right information on how to handle children, is a part of our obligation as pediatricians. We make sure to reach out as much as possible, and relay these valuable knowledge regarding child care and their health management.

Recent News
Here are some useful articles and health tips regarding pediatric services and care.

Meaning of a pediatric dentist

You will find that the primary concern of a pediatric dentist in Brecksville OH is dental disease prevention. If you visit early, make an appointment with your local pediatric dentist in Brecksville OH today to give your child the oral health care they need. Your child’s oral health is very […]


The preschool is intended for children under the age of two. It differs from a daycare center in that it serves children of both working and non-working parents, rarely receives public funding, and is primarily intended to promote children’s social and educational adaptation, rather than offering day care for children. […]

Nursery Teachers Training – a guide for teaching young learners

This article is about the need for adequate child rearing in a child’s life. It also focuses on how kindergarten training will help teachers properly shape young learners for the later stages of their lives. The purpose of raising children is to create independent young children who feel comfortable dealing […]

Shape your career as a kindergarten teacher in the coming days

Global education has given great importance to kindergarten teaching today and viewed it as the basis of primary education. Kindergarten classes include different skills and technical aspects, which makes the education of the first child more effective and interesting. In addition to private schools, the international school chain favors hiring […]

Pediatric dentists: start early

Pediatric dentist, the benefits of early consultation are described in this article. Pediatric dentists are doctors who deal with the health of children’s teeth and gums. Once a baby has its first tooth, parents can consult one to ensure the health of the baby and its teeth. They also have […]

Determine your baby’s kindergarten

If you need some good safety tips to make the nursery perfect for your baby, this article is exactly what you are looking for. Since babies and toddlers have no sense of danger, everyday objects can pose a possible threat to their safety. It is precisely this fact that parents […]

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