Experiencing the power of ice that freezes the entire planet. combined with the destructive force of flames Review of the online slots games Guardians of Ice & Fire and Destiny of Sun & Moon,

which balance the ice and fire goddesses. Keep your wagers cool. simultaneously brightening

Guardians of Ice & Fire slot game is a video slot with 6 reels, however the amount of slots on each reel varies. Reels 1 and 6 have two slots, reels 2 and 5 have three slots, and reels 3 and 4 have four slots. Offering a novel playing experience Can accumulate numerous prize symbols Two special symbols and a bonus reward feature that doubles the number of slots on the slot table to 36, increasing the number of paylines from 576 to 2,304 and the winning rate are included. Additionally, multiply up to 10 times.

We, the PGSLOT army, shall escort you to meet the two magnificent guardians of ice and fire. Who will reward you with a balance bonus from both poles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Try out new slot games from PG for free before making a payment.

Guardians of Ice and Fire game symbols.

The high-paying symbols of the Guardians of Ice & Fire slot game may be classified into two categories: those associated with ice and fires. But appear seldom and have lesser rewards are card symbols. But it will be easy to remove. Following are specifics for each of all symbols.

Symbol of the Flame Chest of Treasure The highest payout rate is 200 times the wager.

There is a maximum payment of 150 times for the Ice Jar of Treasure Symbol.

golden horseshoe symbol There is a 100-times maximum payout rate.

The highest payoff for the gem flower symbol is 80 times the wager.

There is a maximum payout rate of 50 times for the spade icon.

There is a maximum payout rate of 50 times for the heart icon.

diamond symbol The maximum payout rate is forty times.

club symbol The maximum payout rate is forty times.

Protectors of Ice and Fire Unique Symbols

There are two sorts of special symbols in the Guardians of Ice & Fire slot game, which serve as the primary triggers for the game’s unique features. The following information will be provided for each symbol:

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Wild symbol

The Wild symbol in the guardian angel of ice and fire slot game will be a picture of two guardian angels facing each other and tagged with the word WILD. Only appears on reels 2 through 5. The primary function of the Wild is to replace the standard reward symbol. save for the Free Spins symbol alone, having all forms. The Wild icon can also trigger the Multiplier function.

Free Spins Indicator

The Guardians of Ice & Fire Free Spins symbols are denoted with the text FREE SPINS and consist of flames and ice. If three Free Spins symbols appear, they can activate 10 Bonus Free Spins. Six photographs can activate the extra function up to twenty-five times.

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Unique Characteristics of the Guardians of Ice & Fire Game

Guardians of Ice & Fire contains two unusual extra features that require Wild symbols and Free Spins to activate. The description of each feature is provided below.

Multiplier Feature

The Multiplier feature is activated when a win is triggered by the wild symbol, with all wins from the wild symbol doubled by 2x in regular play and up to 10x in the Multiplier feature. Free Spins Bonus Feature

Free Spins Bonus Feature

When three or more Bonus Free Spins symbols appear, the Free Spins feature is launched. 18 slots will become 36 slots, 576 paylines will become 2304 paylines, and the two slot tables will run simultaneously. In addition, each win during the Bonus Free Spins feature gets a 5x multiplier, and a 2x multiplier if the win also includes a Wild symbol. Instantaneously, the multiplier of wins will be doubled to 10 times.

Consequently: Review of the Guardians of Ice & Fire Slot Game

If you enjoy a fantasy game with a gorgeous female protagonist, you should not miss the Guardians of Ice & Fire slot game review, as the two guardians of ice and fire will appear to provide players a treasure trove of wealth. Playing everyone with specific characteristics can result in enormous gains. I assure that it is both enjoyable and well worthwhile!!! With free spins, winnings are multiplied up to 10 times and paylines are multiplied. With over 2,000 total paylines, Ice and Flames Slots is one of the easiest bonus games to unlock. Can be used for recreational play It is advantageous to play to win money. It is a terrific game from the PGSLOT camp that players should not overlook.

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