The preschool is intended for children under the age of two. It differs from a daycare center in that it serves children of both working and non-working parents, rarely receives public funding, and is primarily intended to promote children’s social and educational adaptation, rather than offering day care for children.

Literacy begins with watchful eyes and ears ready to learn. Preschoolers learn to read, listen and communicate, which is enormous for both children and their teachers, so that everyone can ignore and think that children in kindergarten are only there to play, eat and sleep. Reading a child early cannot be possible without an adult leading and guiding it.

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The children’s skills are often related to their experiences from the first few months or school years. Very common experiences at first glance are of great importance because they awaken children to the universe of thought and ultimately want to read and then understand. All of these are paths that lead to literacy.

Even those in preschool and kindergarten have something to learn every day; Not only do they have vocal and rhythmic recitations, but they also have local brain building materials that are used in their regular sessions.

Preschoolers can be public or private and operated by the state, local community, local church, an employer of the company, or a for-profit company. As in daycare centers, care hours in kindergartens usually start early and end late in order to meet the busy parents’ schedules.

The accepted age in kindergartens often depends on the physical arrangement of the school building. Kindergartens large enough to provide an established baby unit separate from an older child unit can obviously accept a wider age range and offer a pre-school curriculum.

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In privately run institutions, preschool and kindergarten are often offered in one building. This is certainly convenient for parents, but is often expensive and many facilities have long waiting lists. Many of the larger kindergartens accept children until they have to enroll in kindergarten, and although they are not officially considered pre-kindergartens, they offer the same structured curriculum. These facilities offer longer childcare times and generally cost less than a separate pre-school program.

Kindergarten curriculum goals are more specific than childcare, but less demanding than elementary school.

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